Essential Latex Processing Plant (ELPP) Modhupur, Tangail

To diversify the use of natural latex and to encourage the domestic rubber industry as well as to save foreign currency, EDCL has set up Essential Latex Processing Plant at a cost of Tk. 127 million at Madhupur in Tangail district. To enhance the rubber industry the collection of latex from natural resource, latex production, assuring quality and its multipurpose uses it will play vital a role.

Essential Latex Processing Plant is equipped with modern and advanced machineries and equipments; management and administration technology; professional research and development team and strict production management according to GMP requirements. All the production process is completed in clean environment. The production team consists of 23 efficient employees leaded by 05 production officers supervised by 08 quality assurance officers. Mechanical and electrical team includes 04 employees. Administrative team consists of 27 employees leaded by 06 officers and a plant manager. It takes 16 hours for these teams to conduct the production of about 3 tons concentrated latex per day.

The country has a demand of more than 300 Million pieces of male contraceptives (Condoms) per year but EDCL can produce 170 million pieces. EDCL has taken step to increase the capacity to 250 million pieces from KELP (Khulna Essential Latex Plant) using own resource. Essential Latex Processing Plant is capable to produce 4.0 ton concentrated latex per day. In the meantime Essential Latex Processing Plant has supplied Concentrated Latex to Bashundhara Paper Mills Ltd. & German Bangla Company Ltd.

Essential Latex Processing Plant's Photo

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