Engineering Department

EDCL Engineering Department provides necessary driving forces and logistic support as required for any manufacturing industry like pharmaceutical to ensure smooth operation of plant utilizing its available strength with proper planning, organizing and controlling. In EDCL, Engineering Department is one of the vital departments associated with manufacturing pharmaceutical products which is employed with qualified and professional engineers and technicians. The main responsibility of engineering department is to ensure smooth operation of plant machinery, utility services and validation of the system as per approved SOP. Maintenance of transport vehicle and its responsibilities to keep them in roadworthy condition also lies on Engineering Department. The service of engineering department may be classified under four categories: Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical, Civil and Automobile Engineering.

The major duties & responsibilities of engineering department are illustrated below:

Regular Duties
  • Carry out of call on maintenance raised by production department related to (i) break down maintenance of plant machinery (ii) operation and maintenance of utility services, etc with proper supervision, monitoring and guidance.
  • Execution of routine preventive maintenance of equipment and machines associated with production, utilities and transport vehicle to have smooth execution of assigned job.
  • Discussion and consultation with the technical peoples regarding miscellaneous troubles, malfunctions etc related to plant machinery, utility services and transport vehicles and necessary instruction for remedy of the same.
  • Co-ordination, administration and controlling of technical crews of engineering department.
  • Follow up of daily check list & log sheet of different utility services like generator, sub station, central air conditioning plant, boiler, D.M & D.W plant, production machineries etc. in order to be acquainted with present status of those appliances.

Periodic Duties
  • Preparation of yearly preventive maintenance schedule of plant machinery and transport vehicle and execution of the same.
  • Overhauling of machinery associated with production, utilities services and transport vehicle.
  • Validation (PQ) of production facilities and utility services as per SOP.
  • Safety measures of plant machinery and equipment.
  • Yearly inventory of fixed asset, plant machinery, spares and engineering materials.
  • Necessary procurement action to build up the stock of spares from local and foreign source.
  • Preparation of SOP in compliance with GMP.

Occasional Duties
  • Installation and commissioning of imported and local plant machinery.
  • Execution of various renovation and project works.
  • Execution of industrial training program for the students of different technical institute and university who come to EDCL for industrial attachment.
  • Preparation of technical specification of plant machinery, utility equipments and spares for tender floating in view of procurement from local or foreign source.

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