Environment Control

Environmental control is an important task for any pharmaceutical manufacturing organization. Environment of EDCL factories at Dhaka and Bogra are strictly controlled.

There are provisions of proper effluent treatment at Dhaka & Bogra factories. The Production area, Quality Control & Microbiological Laboratory, Dispensing area, Raw material and finished product store are properly maintained and controlled as per requirement of cGMP.

Sterile Production area and Microbiological Lab, are maintained as per requirement of 100 class, 10,000 class and 100,000 class. Separate air handling units for individual area are being provided for rigid control of Microbial count, Particle count, Temperature, Humidity and any cross contamination. Penicillin Production area is totally segregated from Non-Penicillin and other Production area. Cephalosporin production is done in completely separated factory. All separate area are maintained strictly as per cGMP guidelines and monitored on regular basis as per International Standard.

Environment Control Photo Gallery

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