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Background, objectives, priority, rationale linkage, targets and outputs/ outcomes of the project including findings of feasibility study/survey, if any.


Essential Drugs Company Limited (EDCL) is a 100% state owned Pharmaceuticals Company in Bangladesh. In the year 1962 it was functioning under the then Central Government in the name & style of Government Pharmaceuticals Laboratory (GPL) and subsequently it was renamed as Pharmaceuticals Production Unit (PPU) in the year 1979. In the interest of Public Health & smooth running of the organization, it was registered as a Public Limited Company under the Company's Act-1994. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of Bangladesh is its controlling authority. Essential Drugs Company Limited (EDCL) is a Joint-Stock company with a fully paid-up capital of TK: 882.55 lac. It was established in 1983 with the main objective of setting up an advanced pharmaceuticals industry in the country for the local production of medicines and to supply these products inside the country for public health and for Export.
The financial statement of last three years is explained in Appendix XII, Page No.: 82-88) At present EDCL has two drug manufacturing plant at Dhaka and Bogra and a Condom manufacturing Plant at Khulna are in operation. The Organization has now supplied medicine of more than Tk.160 crores to CMS & different institutions of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. International Organizations UNICEF, WHO and ICDDRB are procuring medicines form EDCL since inception. EDCL is expanding with trust and confidence among the people and Government of Bangladesh and also in the overseas pharmaceutical arena and earn foreign currency through export of medicine. Objectives: The proposed Essential Drugs Co. Ltd. ( 3rd Plant), Gopalganj will consist of a new manufacturing unit of Oral Contraceptive Pills and Injectable products, a manufacturing unit of I.V Fluid and a manufacturing unit of Penicillin Production. Bangladesh is one of the largest consumers of Oral Contraceptive pills in Asia at about 150 million cycles per annum, but it is the only country with such large consumption not having a manufacturing plant of its own. Thus it has to depend on foreign country for the supply of pills. Use of Injectable is another popular method of contraception and huge quantity of inject able products are required to support Govt.'s Family Planning Programme. A country with such a large consumption of contraceptive does not have even a single manufacturing unit and for continued success of the family planning programme is very much urgent to establish it's own manufacturing facilities. The proposed Project will adequately support in the existing Family Planning Programme in the country. I.V Fluids like Dextrose fluid, Cholera fluid, Haemo dialysis fluid etc are the life saving drugs. The only Govt. owned Unit for production of I.V Fluid does not fulfill present demand of Govt. hospitals and institutions. Thus Govt. has to procure large amount of I.V fluid s from local and international market at very high cost. The Govt. of Bangladesh incorporated Essential Drugs Co. Ltd. in Bangladesh in the year 1983 for manufacturing of Primary Health Care Products. The Dhaka factory is very old and manufacturing of medicine by implementing modern concept of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) is very difficult in this old premises. Nationals and International Organization recommend modernizing the Dhaka factory. The proposed project of Penicillin production unit will strengthen the implementation of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) concept for production of primary Health Care medicine.

Main objective
  1. To produce all types of essential and life saving drugs as per Government demand to strengthen the health services to the people s of the country by the Govt. of Bangladesh.
  2. To produce contraceptive pills and inject able products to support Government's Family planning Programme and to save hard earning foreign currency.
  3. To produce quality drugs by implementing modern technology.
  4. To achieve approval on Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) from world famous organization like WHO, UNICEF, MHRA, EMEA on producing medicine.
  5. To earn foreign money by exporting medicine.
  6. To establish actual price of medicine by producing and supplying all modern Medicine of Govt.


EDCL Dhaka factory was established in the decade of 1960 and so manufacturing of medicine through establishing modern concept of cGMP becomes difficult in this old premise and for that reason the inspection team of different international organization recommend to modernize the factory and cGMP does not allow to produce Penicillin products in the same premises along with other pharmaceutical products. In the recent inspection report of Directorate of Drugs Administration of Bangladesh recommend to transfer the factory to other place for modernization. In the coming fiscal year, the organization have to Produce medicine of more than Taka 300 crores to fulfill the Government MSR and community Clinic demand and this demand is increasing day by day. To fulfill the increasing demand Essential Drugs Company makes agreement with two non Government Pharmaceutical Company for producing medicine under toll agreement. At present Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is procuring IV fluids, contraceptive pill and injection from different non Government Pharmaceutical Company or importing from abroad at high cost. By establishing a new Project consist of Penicillin Production Unit, Contraceptive Pills and Injectable Production Unit will help Government to procure quality medicines at low cost to strengthen health services to the people of the country.

Project implementation

The project will be implement by EDCL Management and Managing Director of EDCL will be the Project Director (Additional charge) of this proposed new Project.. Required land approximately 10 acres will be acquired through the Government of Bangladesh as per existing rate. Land development and construction work will be done through local tender. All machinery and equipment will be procured through international tender/ quotations. The selected firm is responsible for factory construction, machinery installation, test run, and training of EDCL employees on individual machinery ensuring utilization of the same machine. EDCL will do overall supervision of the work as project implementation agency. The project cost is Tk 31495.59 lac of which Tk 17772.00 lac will be required as foreign exchange. After completion of the project 778 manpower will need to run the plant. This manpower will be recruited as per EDCL recruitment policy. At moment a Project implementation unit will be established and the following personnel will be deputed for the project.

  1. One Project Manager: - Having more than 15 years experience to work in Pharmaceutical Company.
  2. Three Engineers: - Having 5 years experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing especially on design support, construction and selection of Plant Machinery & utilities.
  3. One Accountant - Having at least two years experience in relevant field.
  4. Three officer - to correspondence all official works
  5. One computer operator - Having at least two years experience in relevant field.
  6. Four MLSS
  7. Four Drivers - Having at least three years experience in relevant field.

The aforesaid personnel will be deputed from EDCL within one month after approval of the Project. The team will work under EDCL management. A project steering committee (PSC) & a project implementation committee (PIC) will be formed to monitor the project activities quarterly and will take steps for timely implementation of the project.

Out come of the Project

By establishing this project, EDCL will able to supply contraceptive pills and Injectable, different types of I.V Fluid and to produce Penicillin Products following cGMP guidelines. By manufacturing contraceptive products EDCL will able to supply the contraceptive medicine of Tk. 15000.0 lac in the 1st year of production and it will be increase gradually. Again building the capacity of production of I.V Fluid, EDCL will confirm the supply of this type of product of Tk. 4000.0 lac in the 1st year of production and it will be increase gradually. By establishing a production unit for Penicillin product, EDCL will be able to supply of Penicillin product of Tk. 5000.0 lac in the 1st year of production. After that it will be increase gradually. By creating above-mentioned opportunity, EDCL is determined to support the Govt. to strengthen health services to the poor peoples of Bangladesh and to save the foreign currency and to create the opportunity of employment of 1200 to 1500 peoples in near future.

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