Human Resources

Management Mission

"To strive toward better health for individuals and progress in medicine by developing superior pharmaceutical products," EDCL supports a culture of achievement and success by providing HR practices and policies that offer challenging developmental opportunities and recognize employee performance. We believe that all employees should go the extra mile for themselves, for the customer, and for the organization. To this end, EDCL has developed a system to provide employees with a variety of opportunities to learn to become genuine "professionals," with a strong sense of ethics and high level of universally accepted professionalism. There are other systems in place to fairly evaluate employees, based on their achievements and for appropriate placement, and provide them with various forms of support so they can be devoted to their work. EDCL constantly striving to attract capable people with highest senses of value and talents by developing and/or enhancing appropriate systems and structures.

Human Resources Policy

EDCL's has established the Human Resources Vision: "To develop a high-performance, results-oriented culture within our organization with motivated employees who take pride in and find a sense of accomplishment from their work." is our basic human resource principle. EDCL has previously implemented various reforms in terms of personnel affairs, and these initiatives have been compiled into the "Human Resources Philosophies" in order to realize the "Human Resources Vision." These philosophies describe the basic principles and concept regarding the personnel system and its operation, such as recruitment, assignment, development, assessment and compensation, and the Company implements human resources programs based on the philosophies. As a part of our Mid-Term Management Plan, we have been proactively and intensively working to establish effective and efficient human resource management from global perspectives to develop EDCL as a world-class pharmaceutical company by 2010. Our HR department is striving to develop a work environment where every single employee can develop himself as an effective "professional" to coup with today's rapidly changing market environment.

Respect towards Human Rights issues

EDCL has been conducting business activities based on the WHO Code of Compliance Standards," which defines WHO's compliance standards, as well as required compliance with employment-related laws and regulations regarding the labor hours, minimum wages, child labor, and forced labor, etc. in each country. The WHO's Code of Compliance Standards" prohibits not only unfair discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, ethnic background, belief, religion, gender, age, handicap, disease and social status but also other discriminatory treatment and harassment, while it also stipulates our commitment to avoid such matters. EDCL respects human rights from global perspectives in accordance with the code.

Development of Leaders

In alignment with rapidly expanding business opportunities worldwide, EDCL has been proactively developing talented employees who can be a leader of the company, regardless of different cultural and environmental backgrounds. A new Personnel development program named "EDCL Personnel Policy" has started from July 2007. This program is positioned as a key part of our leadership development programs, and employees participating in the program are expected to achieve the goals stated below.

Capable & Confident Professionals

EDCL is also focused on developing autonomous professionals who are capable of fulfilling our mission: "we strive toward better health for individuals and progress in medicine by developing superior pharmaceutical products," as well as leadership development, and has established an educational training system to strengthen expertise and professional skills of employees. EDCL provides training programs designed for each function - research, development, production, and marketing, etc. - with the aim of learning specialized knowledge as well as technical skills, and also have programs classified and delivered according to each stage of career - new employees, mid-career employees and newly-appointed managers, etc. In addition, the Company also focuses on reinforcing the organizational strength through support toward employees, wishing to strengthen their individual capabilities; namely the provision of training programs using e-learning courses as educational materials, in order to strengthen business and English skills.

Utilization of Diversified Personnel

EDCL considers it vital to adopt the flexible use of human resources, regardless of gender and age. EDCL has introduced a performance- based personnel system from as early as late 90's and has enhanced the system toward a performance-based and capability based system, totally free of the influence of gender, age and academic background. In response to the increased social demand for employment creation for females EDCL is promoting the utilization of female employees. In fiscal 2007, EDCL has designed for female employees to discuss problems and propose ideas for solution for themselves, from the viewpoint of creating a better work environment where women can be more active. In addition, EDCL also implemented an employee survey on corporate culture and employee satisfaction for all its employees, to know what is required to foster a corporate culture where employees are encouraged to work with energy and enthusiasm. Based on the survey results, active discussions have been made on specific subjects such as "what kind of approaches is required at each work site," and "what role each of the employees should play toward improvement of the work climate," etc. Currently efforts are being made to successfully improve the work environment.

The Employment of Handicapped People

As ideal desire of our Managing Director and requirement of the society EDCL is aiming to promote the employment of handicapped people. This has been the first example in the pharmaceutical industry, and operates with the Management.

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