Khulna Essential Latex Plant (KELP)

ISO 9001:2015

Khulna Essential Latex Plant (KELP) is an established manufacturing Company that produces quality Latex Male Condoms for the domestic and export market. The factory and office complex is located at Gilatala, Khulna, Bangladesh. The factory complex consists of the manufacturing plant stores, labs and an administrative wing.

Production Facilities

Competency of Process Equipment: Country of Origin-Malaysia

Following equipments are used as internationally standard

  1. Bulk Storage Tank: Mild Steel construction equipped with stirrer to provide homogeneous mixing of PV latex.
  2. Compounding Tank: Stainless Steel construction equipped with stirrer to ensure the ingredient of latex are strengthen, preserve and stabilized.
  3. Day Tank: Stainless Steel construction equipped that are fed into the dipping tank baser in required volume to be produced and which is adjustable using controllers.
  4. Dipping Tank: Stainless Steel construction equipped with electronically driven variable speed motor to provide optimum latex circulation. Temperature of latex in tank is controlled and maintained at optimum by jacked chilled water circulated to the tanks.
  5. Infra Heater: Infra Para Radiator oven for drying of latex dipped. PLC controlled to provide easy adjustment for latex film drying.
  6. Beading device: Equipped with motor driven accelerator belts for quicker rotation of formers.
  7. Leaching Device: Stainless Steel construction equipped tank that occupied leaching solution when main dried former condom come and gently passes into dipped in the tank. Leaching can provide loosen the condom from former.
  8. Stripping Device: Water spray non circulation pump is used to recycle the stripping water. By the activity of water jet condom are stripped out from the former.
  9. Cleaning, Washing Device: Stainless Steel construction equipped tank that cleaned by acid water and washed RO water of the glass former.
  10. Stripping Tank: Stainless Steel construction equipped tank that occupied stripping solution.
  11. Powdering Tank: Stainless Steel construction equipped that occupied powdering solution.
  12. Powder Preparation Tank: Stainless Steel construction equipped with motor driven stirrer to provide homogeneous mixing of powdering solution.
  13. Hydro extractor: By the use of this equipment to extract the water contain from the condom.
  14. Tumbling: Condoms are dried out by using tumbler dryer to ensure that moisture disappear from the condom.
  15. EDTM: One by one each and every condom is electronically tested for microscopic pin holes. By the use of this equipment all condoms are also goes to rolled state. Electronic dry testing ensures all condoms are free from pin hole before foiling.
  16. Foiling: By the use of this equipment each rolled condom are foiled and lubrication. Foil sealing are performed by hermetically.
  17. Printing (Video Jet Printer): After foiling this sophisticated equipment is used for printing of each foil condom.
  18. Packing and Wrapping: Foil condoms are collected into inner boxes and inner boxes into exterior shipping carton and finally carton are wrapped by Wrapper machine.
Production Facilities

Recently introduced third dipping line supplied by Richter Rubber Technology SDN.BHD, Malaysia and technology came from Germany. Based on extended 3rd dipping along with existing two lines production capacity has redesigned 225 million pieces of Male Latex Condom annum.


Condom is a medical device class 11 (b) product and we are committed to produce the WHO standards condoms The top management of the company is committed to comply with the continually improve the effectiveness of this quality management system by means of adopting an appropriate Quality Policy. The following Quality , Policy has been established to provide a direction to all employees to achieve our company's objective and the expectation of our customers. It is also to provide a framework for establishing and reviewing the quality objectives. Adherence to quality standards is the very basis of all activities carried out within the company. As such, employees are responsible for the quality of their work and remain committed to contribute and participate in the operation of this Quality Management System (QMS).

Quality Policy

"KELP is committed to be a successful, recognize and reputable manufacturer of safe and reliable male latex condoms. The company will strive to improve continually the quality of its products with the aim of providing total customer satisfaction"

Competency of Lab equipments Country of Origin-Malaysia

For compliance testing following equipments are used

  1. Electrolyte Wet Tester: This equipment is user for microscopic pinhole testing of condom. It is complies with WHO & ISO specification.
  2. Air Burst Tester: This equipment is used for microscopic pin hole testing of condom. It is complies with WHO & ISO specification.
  3. Tensile Tester: Tensile tester can ensure strengthen of the condom.
  4. Length, Width and Thickness measurement: Graduated mandrel, Ruler and Thickness gauge are used for this purpose.
  5. Vacuum Over with Chamber: This equipment is used for sealing test of foil condom and it can ensure to free from leakage of foil condom.
  6. Ageing Oven: This equipment is used for stability testing of condom.
  7. Hot Air Oven: This equipment is used for TSC, LOD or various drying operation.
  8. Electronic Dry Tester: By the use of this equipment each and every condom are tested for microscopic pin hole.
Environment Control
Purpose of Waste Water Treatment

The purpose of waste water treatment is to condition, modify and/or remove undesirable impurities, to provide water that is safe to environment. While this is the obvious, expected purpose of treating water, various regulations also require wastewater treatment. Some impurities affect the aesthetic qualities of the water may need to be treated.

Effluent Treatment Plant

KELP has modern effluent treatment plant and it is capable to treating about 120m3/day industrial effluent.

Waste Water Treatment System

Basic concept of the system is physical and biological treatment. Suspended matter separated from effluent by physical operation. Chemical treatment consists of coagulation by ferric chloride/alum solution after neutralization of the effluent by caustic soda/lime and followed by the removal of flocculated sludge's by the sedimentation tank and filtration by the sludge drying beds through thickeners. Biological process is used for the treatment of soluble organic matter in the wastewater and completely destroyed under proper osmotic conditions. Biological treatment process is carried out in the presence of oxygen and based on activated sludge process. The activated sludge process consists of a reactor basin known as aeration tank, where organic waster are stabilized, a sedimentation tank where the biological flock is separated from the wastewater and settle flock recycled, the aerobic condition is maintained by the use of diffused aeration system by blower. In aerobic treatment, a group of aerobic bacteria are key in the removal of organic pollution.

Disposal System

ETP is full designed of land for irrigational system. Treated water dispose off as irrigational way.

Environmental View

KELP has a green belt surrounding of the factory premises. Most of the area is covered by green grass. Dairy farm people collect the green grass of regular basis. It is definitely indicate the friendly environmental view.

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