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The Pharmaceuticals distribution process is a cycle of complex actions that require highest security standards and constant information sharing. Keeping full control over the system and having insight into even the smallest Components determines the quality and efficiency of warehouse management. EDCL ware house department is able to provide the above facility. Warehouse department has been contributed significantly to the EDCL effort who is committed to provide quality medicine for the mass people of Bangladesh. These departments always emphasize to ensure GMP in every section which is very needful for smooth production. EDCL warehouse department also have a strong & efficient workforce and they are able to do a sustainable team work. This department always ensure congenial working atmosphere for the all employees of the department under the direct supervision of warehouse Manager Md. Shafiqul Bari. This is the department where a person can work with self respect, dignity & Freedom. There are sufficient numbers of Pharmacist & Chemist are engaged in ware house department for ensure and maintain GMP of the ware house department. In providing service the main goal of warehouse is to serve highest efficiency in every way that we can.

Warehouse Department of Essential Drugs Company Limited consists of seven individual sections. Below we like to give a short description about this section:

01) Raw Materials Section

This section is the most integral part of warehouse department. The main responsibility of this section is to deliver the right materials to the final recipient. EDCL collect his require 235 categories of raw materials form foreign & local suppliers. After receiving all kinds of raw material initially it is kept in quarantine area. On getting approval from Quality Assurance Department all the materials are placed in the approved area. This section also maintains room temperature & humidity through air handling unit as per SOP. Finally against approval manufacturing order (MO) Raw Material section supplies this material to production dept. by maintaining first in first out (FIFO) system. Raw material section of EDCL store department recently provided a mapping chart for existing raw materials which are now in store. There is also a GMP standard sampling booth in the raw materials section of ware house department.

02) Packing Material Section

This is also an important section of warehouse department. The main object of this section is to ensure Packing Materials for all products by maintaining standard operating procedure. Essential Drugs Company Limited collects his required 973 categories packing material (Carton, bottle, label, foil. PVC film & poly bag etc.) from the company who are able to maintain Quality in all side. By a transparent tender process EDCL collect this material from the enlisted suppliers. Moisture & Temperature sensitive packing Materials are kept in a humidity and temperature controlled are a as per SOP.

03) Stationary Section

Like other sections this is also an important section of EDCL ware house department. In order to fulfill the production target of each fiscal year the contribution of this section is remarkable. As per requirement of different departments of EDCL, Purchase & Procurement Department take initiative to collect all kinds of stationery items like paper, pen, book, cloth & shoe etc. Finally it storage and serves among the employee's by maintaining standard operating procedure.

04) Engineering Store Section

The main job of this section is to ensure all kinds of maintenance item for the whole industry and this about 4000 in number. This section also gives technical support for smooth running of all machineries and equipment to achieve high productivity of EDCL. As EDCL is a Pharmaceutical industry in this regard the contribution of this section is remarkable for achieving the production target of each fiscal year.

05) Finished Goods Section

The another name of this section in the door of ware house department. The main object of this section is to storage and monitor the total dispatch system of finished goods. After receiving the finished goods from production department they are kept in the several area by maintaining proper temperature & humidity as per SOP. Finally after getting requirement from marketing department finished goods are supplied to the different Civil Sergeant office or institute. As a part of job this section also handles the DDS (Drugs & Dietary Supplement) kits packing. This section also provide instruction for supplying medicine of community clinic which in the important sector of present government.

06) Reject Section

For ensuring quality medicine Essential Drugs Company Limited always collect quality raw materials from foreign & local source. Among this when any raw materials is rejected by quality assurance department as per management decision it will take place in "reject room" by obtaining rejected tag slip. It should be mention here that this section is directly controlled by warehouse manager.

07) Recalled Section

The main object of this section is to receive the defective product. When any problem arises in our supplied product at that time as per management decision this consignment will return to recalled section of ware house department. As a part of GMP EDCL Quality Assurance Department take initiative to retest the material. This section is also under direct supervision of ware house manager.

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